Other Resources

Further reading

This is a selected list of literature. If you feel that something essential is missing, feel free to update the list.

Arban, Jean-Baptiste: Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet
Caruso, Carmine: Muscial calisthenics for brass
Clarke, Herbert: Setting up drills
Clarke, Herbert: Technical studies
Colin, Charles: Advanced lip flexibilities
Colin, Charles: Complete trumpet method
Farkas, Philip: The art of brass playing
Gordon, Claude: Daily Trumpet Routines
Gordon, Claude: Systematic approach
Sanborn, Chase: Brass Tactics
Stamp, James: Warm-Ups + Studies

Trumpet related websites

The most commercial sites are intentionally left out (the site listed here should contain at least some free material). If you feel that something is missing, please update the list.

O.J.'s Trumpet Page
Rune Aleksandersen's Trumpet Playing Thoughts
Pops Trumpet College
International Trumpet Guild
Jeff Purtle's Trumpet and Brass Playing Articles

Trumpet community sites

Trumpet Herald
Trumpet Master
Trumpet Player Online
Trumpet Geeks International

Trumpet artists

The pages listed here should have some educational value. If you are a trumpet player and feel that your site should be listed here, you are allowed add to it.

Erik Veldkamp: trumpet exercises and articles. A very comprehensive site.
Mark Van Cleave: articles about practising.

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